The scientific explainers crew


They can charm everyone, young and old, with their enticing storytelling, their clear and puctual explanations, making even the most complex theorems simple to both adults and children.


After a smiling welcome, the Festival Scientific Explainers support your visit by highlighting the scientific programme, suggesting the events that meet your interests at best, introducing you to hands-on workshops and experiments, touring exhibits, presenting conferences and panels, lead you among the many locations that host our events...

Since its very first year, university students, graduates and young researchers are trained to explain the misteries of science to the public and add value to their visit, granting for an engaging, interactive learning experience. Starting with a 300-people team of the first edition, the Festival trained over the years more than 6000 Science Explainers, offering them a first, great opportunity to deliver their knowledge, test their communication skills and share their passion for science.