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150 anni di Scienza

Since April 2011 the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and the Genoa Science Festival have been starting a journey along the country to celebrate 150 years of Science in Italy, going back to the roots of the Italian Science, Research and Technology to highlight excellences of our recent past, granting for an relevant contribution to the development of our culture since 1861.
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The Telecom Italia’s multimedia project for the Genoa Science Festival. As in 2010 festivalscienzalive.it will give webbers and internet surfers the opportunity to experience and interact with the Genoa Science Festival from live.

USA Guest Country

The United States of America, Guest Country in 2011, celebrate with Italy the 150th anniversary of one of the most outstanding scientific and cultural institutions of America: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Keep in touch with the Science Festival

The Science Festival lasts over 10 days! Find out how you can keep in touch with us and discover all the activities, events and news about what we do during the year, before the next Science Festival!