The Genoa Science Festival Association has been established in 2003 as a no-profit organisation for the promotion and dissemination of science and technology to the large public. All initiatives promoted by the association aim to popularize and diffuse the scientific culture, encouraging scientific education and research, training of researchers, create the public awareness and increasing the volume of scientific knowledge in order to stimulate the interest of policy makers towards investment of resources in science and technology.

The Association avails itself of an authoritative scientific committee and since 2003 has been established an international research network and collaborations with many organisation, museums and institutes in Italy and in the world. Members of the Association are CNR (National Research Council), Chamber of Commerce of Genoa, Centro Fermi, Municipality of Genoa, Confindustria Genova, Costa Edutainment, Gran Sasso Science Institute, INAF (National Astrophysical Institute), IIT (Italian Istitute of Technology), INFN (National Nuclear Physics Institute), Liguria Regional Authorities, Sviluppo Genova and Genoa University.

The main initiative organised by the Association is the Genoa Science Festival, an annual event which, since the first edition in 2003, represents a national arena where the most outstanding scientists and researchers from Italy and abroad present and discuss their latest advancements. This event is also a unique occasion for public of all ages to “experience” science through several interactive laboratories and “hands on” exhibits.

Today the Science Festival is recognised as one of the most important events of science communication at a European level counting over 200.000 visits each year. Science Festival’s distinctive feature is the large team of Scientific Explainers. The scientific explainer is the connecting link between the public and the scientific community. They assist the visitor in the discovery of the quantity of science surrounding him and the different phenomena involved (physical, chemical, etc.) It is widely recognised that the quality of the scientific explainers is fundamental for the final successful result of all exhibitions, since they are the catalyst between the scientists and the visitors at the exhibition. Every year, over 500 young men and women, university students, college graduates, graduate students and young researchers turn every visit to the Festival into an enjoyable learning opportunity.