Events in China


Dates: 16 – 25 May 2008
Exhibition: Simple and Complex
Event: Shanghai Science and Technology Festival
Location: Pu Dong Area Shanghai Exhibition Center
60,000 visitors

Dates: May – October 2011
Exhibition: Agorà – Science and Mathematics at the time of Archimedes
Event: Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition
Tour: Tour Exhibition in China
_Shanghai: Pu Dong, Jin An, Hong Kou, Min Hang
_Tai Cang

Training courses

SASE – Shanghai Academy for Scientific Explainers

1st edition: SASE TRAINING CAMP, 22nd _ 25th May 2012
Location: Shanghai
60 students

2nd edition: SASE SCIENCE POPULARIZATION TOUR, 16th June_24th August 2013
Location: Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing
600 students

3rd edition: SASE Basic Course, 1st_5th July 2014 and SASE High-level Course, 28th_30th July 1st August 2014
Location: Shanghai, Dongguan
500 students

Other 2013 activities in China

Workshops and lessons about Science of food organized with the Italian Institute of Culture of Shanghai and of Beijing and the Italian Embassy in Beijing:

• 17 August, 11 am, Beijing, Italian Embassy in China - Italian Institute of Culture of Beijing.

• 20 August, 6 pm, Suzhou, at the restaurant“Perbacco Italian Bistrot” (1st East Building Linglong Island Garden Living Pavilion).
• 21 August, 6:30 pm , Shanghai, at the restaurant “Gennaro” (Mandarine City Clubhouse 1st floor-1129, GuYang Road | Shuicheng Nan Lu).
• 22 August, 6 pm, Shanghai, at the restaurant “Isola Bella” (Longteng Avenue 3222, presso Dong An Lu).

Three workshops in Italian schools in China (Nanjing; Ningbo, Shanghai) by MathFitness-the MathGym, a secondary project of the Science Festival focused on math, with the patronage of the Italian Institute of Culture of Shanghai

Events in United States of America

San Francisco, 6/8 June 2012: at the Italian Istitute of Culture

Lessons and Workshop focused on focaccia, a traditional flat bread from our region, Liguria, in Italy, and the three Italian ways to produce coffee: moka, espresso and Neapoletan method.