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The Science Festival

It’s a benchmark for the science communication.

It’s a chance of meeting for researchers, people keen on science, schools and families.

It’s a main international event of science dissemination.

An appointment for everybody. Lectures, exhibits, workshops, special events and shows for talking about science with an innovative and involving approach, with interactive events and crosscurrent ones. 10 days where the barriers among mathematics, humanities and natural science will be crashed and will be possible to get in touch with the research, to see it and to take part of it.

A new paradigma. Each year the Festival proposes events inspired by the most contemporary and burning questions. Opening theatre shows and never sen exhibitions dedicated to the meeting point between Art and Science, with a particular focus on the novelties of the most advanced research and the researchers from the emerging countries.

The Festival was born as an international and global event, deeply connected with Genova and the Regione Liguria. Every year the guests from all over the world enrich those days dedicated to the science.