Call for proposals 2023

The Science Festival, as every year, seeked proposals for the events (exhibitions, workshops, conferences, special events, shows) that will be part of the schedule. of our 21st edition. 

2023 Keyword: FOOTPRINTS

To leave a footprint is to create a mark that is more or less permanent.

Human history is characterized by an infinitely diverse typology of footprints: traces left purposefully and subconsciously, destined to testify to the past, define the present, and shape the future. Footprints are activities and their results. As memories. As journeys, visions or encounters. Some footprints define us as unique human beings. There are countless uses for fingerprints in forensic science and biometrics, as well as for brain and genomic imprinting.

The 2023 edition of the Science Festival will also focus on footprints that matter for the environment: ecological, water or carbon footprints and, in general, the multiple marks that human activity leaves on the Earth's ecosystem. Natural and artificial footprints will be examined, as they are investigated by archaeologists, paleontologists, and naturalists, but they are also the subject of frontier research in molecular biology, with the techniques of genetic fingerprinting and its many uses on people, as well as in chemistry and agriculture. Moreover, particle imprinting, astrophysical phenomena, imprinting in the animal kingdom and much more.

Step by step towards the twenty-first Science Festival.

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International Year of the Millet 

100 years since Italo Calvino's birth.
100 years since Disney Brothers Studios foundation.
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