Call for proposals 2022

Every year, the Science Festival collects, through the call, proposals for events (exhibitions, workshops, conferences, special events, shows) that are candidates to implement its programme. We invite you to participate, helping us to create our nineteenth edition.

You can register and submit your proposal at

The call is open until february 21st 2022.

Keyword: Languages

The ability to create and use complex languages is not only one of the unique features of our species but is also a necessary condition for the birth of scientific thought as we know it: language is in fact the means, the object and the instrument we use to think, and through which it is possible to carry out research.

This is evident above all with reference to the language of mathematics and, in general, to the so-called hard sciences, but it is equally true for many other branches of human knowledge, which find in their languages the tool to question the world around us: technical, symbolic, programming, musical and artistic languages... Languages themselves, then, can be seen as objects of scientific research (to understand, for example, how they are conceived, expressed and perceived by the brain) as well as elements of identity of peoples and cultures.

Languages are also fundamental in terms of communication and scientific dissemination: they allow us to reach an increasingly wide audience, thus providing orientation in an increasingly technological, articulated and complex world.

International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development
International Year of Glass
International Year of non-industrial fishing and aquaculture

20 years of the Festival of Science
500 years since the first circumnavigation of the world
200 years since the Rosetta Stone was deciphered
200 years since the birth of Louis Pasteur
200 years since the birth of Heinrich Schlimann
100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun's
60 years since the foundation of the Rolling Stones

Resumption of work on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
Planned launches of the JUICE spacecraft and ESA's Rosalind Franklin rover
24th Winter Olympics (Beijing)
22nd Football World Cup (Qatar