Call for proposals 2021

Every year, the Science Festival collects, through the call, proposals for events (exhibitions, workshops, conferences, special events, shows) that are candidates to implement its programme. We invite you to participate, helping us to create our nineteenth edition.

You can register and submit your proposal at

The call is open until march 5th 2021.

Keyword: Maps
In an increasingly interconnected and dynamic world, where momentum towards innovation and progress coexist with inequalities and fragilities, humanity needs science to face reality by means of informed actions. The COVID-19 emergence, which we are still facing, confronts us with global challenges. From astronomy to biology, from genomics to particle physics, from nanotechnology to artificial intelligence, human and natural sciences guide us across the territories of knowledge. Some of these territories are widely explored, but they seem to conceal their boundaries; others are completely uncharted, offering just small hints of their landscapes. That's why, now more than ever, we need to build much better maps to explore the possibilities - and the responsibilities - that science offers us.

Guest country: United Kingdom 
The guest country of the Festival 2021 will be the United Kingdom, homeland of exploratory scientists who have developed theories and achieved fundamental milestones in the history of knowledge in all disciplines, from chemistry to mathematics, from astronomy to natural sciences. Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Paul Dirac, Francis Crick, Peter Higgs just to name a few: without their contributions and those of many others, much of modern scientific theories would not exist. Today, British science collaborates globally to overcome the challenges of our time: climate change, space exploration, eradication of the most serious diseases calls for a joint effort. Italy and the UK are connected by a large and virtuous network of relationships and shared projects, which we aim to make known.

International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development
International Year of Fruit and Vegetables
International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor
International Year of Health and Welfare Workers (WHO)
Start of the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)
Start of the Decade for Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030)
Start of the Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030)

700 years since the death of Dante Alighieri
200 years since the death of Napoleon Bonaparte
20 years since the publication of the first draft of the human genome
50 years since the invention of e-mail and the floppy disc
60 years since the inception of the World food program
60 years since Yuri Gagarin's first trip into space
75 years since the entry into force of the Statute of the United Nations

COP26 - Glasgow
XXXII edition of the Olympic Games
XVI European Football Championship