Call for proposals 2020

Every year, the Science Festival collects, through the call, proposals for events (exhibitions, workshops, conferences, special events, shows) that are candidates to implement its programme. We invite you to participate, helping us to create our eighteenth edition.

You can register and submit your proposal at

The call is now closed. We recieved more than 300 proposals.

Keyword: Waves
We live in a universe of waves. Electromagnetic waves, shock waves, gravitational waves, sound waves, brain waves. Waves allow us to study not only the planet, the sun, the universe, but also the climate and life in all its forms. We use them to heal ourselves or to play Mozart. Waves shake our lives up during earthquakes, they allow us to see visible and invisible, to perceive sounds, colours, emotions. They lead us into the world of quantum mechanics, from the infinitely small to universal gravitation. Waves are energy, in limitless forms and manifestations. 

Guest country: United Kingdom
The guest country of the Festival will be the United Kingdom, a country that boasts a centuries-old scientific culture. Homeland of scientists who have developed theories and achieved significant goals in the history of knowledge in every area of study, from chemistry to mathematics, from astronomy to natural sciences, from Isaac Newton to Stephen Hawking, from Charles Darwin to Peter Higgs, the United Kingdom prides itself on a centuries-old scientific culture and is connected to the Italian scientific reality by a virtuous network of relationships and shared projects.

International Year of Plant Health (UN)
Year of Nurse (WHO)
70 years from the birth of the European Community
International Year of Sound

510 years since the death of Botticelli
500 years since the death of Raphael
250 years since the birth of Beethoven
150 years since the death of Charles Dickens
70 years since the death of George Orwell
100 years since the birth of Gianni Rodari
100 years since the birth of Federico Fellini
100 years since the birth of Isaac Asimov

COP26 - Glasgow
XXXII edition of the Olympic Games
XVI European Football Championship