Become a partner

The Genoa Science Festival has been growing and developing thanks to the support of the whole city, as well as of all the institutions, bodies, partners, sponsors and associations who have been enthusiastically sharing its vision, investing on its projects since its very first edition.

Business companies sponsorship has been fundamental, not only in terms of economic support, but also and mainly for the wide range of initiatives launched to present business excellence to the public. Whenever feasible, the Festival actually encourages sponsorships based on content and provides its expertise to project and design tailored events able to maximise sponsors’ visibility while delivering high-level contents.

A business company that supports our Festival does not only communicate its corporate image within a quality international context, but also sets up a direct, deepe connection with the public, targeting young people in particular, i.e. the stakeholders of the future.

For any further information and to become one of our partners you can write us at