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About the Festival

“In 2005 I was asked to speak at the science festival in Genoa (…) and the atmosphere in the city was amazing – the excitement at the lectures and in the streets was palpable.” Brian Greene

“Never seen something like this in my life” Gehrard Ertl

“Scientific exploration deserves a celebration, and in Genoa, they’re doing so with great style” J. Bohannon

“The Genoa Science Festival is so impressive. I couldn’t think of anything better” Simon Gage

“I was recommended to come! Never seen something like that, a city totally involved in science!” Freeman Dyson




Call for proposals 2014

The 2015 Call for Proposals is now open! You can now submit your proposal for the thirteenth edition of the Genoa Science Festival! Deadline is february the 14th


Each year a crew of about 700 scientific explainer (Univeristy students, graduates, young researchers) animate the Festival. Special training is provided to PhDs and Junior Researchers at EASE - European Academy for Scientific Explainers. Come and discover the courses programme.

Become a partner

Companies have always played a key role: the Festival has specialised in establishing partnerships that could answer to the communication needs companies have, turning them into coherent and effective project proposals. Find out more and become one of our partners.